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Clearlight Infrared Saunas & Sauna Works was featured within the visible medical show the "Doctors"

Clearlight Sauna

Tv program The Doctors

The organization can be a leader in Infrared Sauna Technology and was
recently selected to offer its innovative Clearlight Saunas for the show.

Clearlight Infrared Saunas & Sauna Works can be a San francisco bay area based infrared sauna company
with the original Low EMF Infrared Sauna Heater. The business has elevated the infrared
sauna industry for more than Fifteen years now. In accordance with an organization spokesperson, Clearlight
Sauna was the complete pick for the visible Television show, given their state with the art infrared

Clearlight Saunas uses their exclusive True Wave II combination carbon/ceramic infrared
heaters. Their heaters offer more long wave far-infrared heat providing more
advantage of their clients in comparison with other infrared saunas available on the market.

Clearlight Sauna

Our technologies are actually according to science & and not on hype. The actual Wave II heaters have
been scientifically built to generate optimum infrared therapeutic heat. A number of our
competitors use industrial infrared heaters that are adapted to be used in infrared saunas,
but our heaters are designed to heat a persons body, the spokesperson said.

The business continues to be recommended by a lot of esteemed doctors, health coaches and nutrition

Having a number of sizes and woods available, Clearlight Sauna offers saunas to meet the
requirements of it's customers. The heaters are optimally put into each sauna model to
provide maximum therapeutic. benefit.

With over 16 years available in the market our definitive goal would be to provide maximum therapeutic benefits
to our customers and that's our primary focus, said the firm manager. Clearlight Saunas is
also know for luxurious furniture quality sauna cabins. The doctors at The Doctors TV
Show were so impressed with our saunas they decided to keep one in their dressing room,
the firm manager added.

For further, visit


Sauna Works - Administrative Office
2184 Sutter St. Suite 282
San Francisco, CA 94115
Toll Free: 800.798.1779
Local: 510.601.1775

Sauna Works - Showroom
** By appointment Only **
(Please call to schedule appointment)
Located in SOMA near 7th and Folsom
San Francisco, CA
Toll Free: 800.798.1779
Local: 510.601.1775
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